I’m supportive, motivational, and I care.  I genuinely care. I love seeing people feel great and reach their potential. This is what lead me to be a coach.

I understand what you’re going through and where you want to get to because I’ve been there myself. From a miserable diet and over-weight, to lean, healthy and happy.

I disagree with fad diets that severely restrict carbs or fats.  Cutting anything out is unsustainable for long-term success. Instead, I work with you to build a diet that fuels you to perform at your best, with nutrition that your body thanks you for.

I know from my own experience of building my ideal body without a gym, that different approaches work for different people. I built my body on a beach in Brazil just with bodyweight. From the boardroom to the beach to the bedroom doorway…I tailor an approach to fit your own individual preferences.

My coaching style is professional and focused, yet informal. I want you to feel relaxed and leave every session feeling confident, inspired, and ready for action.

I take my clients success seriously and will support you to succeed.



I dreamt of having a great body for as long as I can remember. Before I was old enough to go to the gym, I would sneak upstairs every evening to do press-ups and sit-ups. I built my dream body by 18, and then completely lost it through a personal crisis where depression hit and I lost all interest in exercise. I got myself out of a rut a reset my fitness goals. I went on to dissect every aspect of what makes a successful regimen – training, nutrition, and (the usually overlooked) mindset and lifestyle. I realised that achieving a great body for life isn’t a destination, but a lifestyle. It’s about behaviours and habits that makes the here and now enjoyable, and something that you can stick to long term. You want to love what you see in the mirror.

I’m able to maintain a great body these days with ease, because I’ve worked out what gets results, whilst at the same time leaving me feeling great.  The ‘leaves me feeling great’ bit is the important part here. In the past I would cut calories to shed fat, but it was always a miserable process. I was left feeling hungry, and once I’d achieved the goal, I’d crash and end up binging.   These days, fat-loss is a breeze. 

I’ve built my ideal body, lost my ideal body, struggled with consistency, tried the low carb/low fat diets that left me feeling hungry, and I’ve felt overwhelmed with all the miss-information out there. Through years of trial and error, I’ve ended up in a place where I’m in charge and I feel great, both on the inside and out.  By bringing this experience to the table, I’m able to help clients fast-track their progress and succeed from day one.




  • I recently slept on a park bench in Moscow after watching England in the semi-final, and then forgetting to re-book my hotel.
  • My core values in life are education, opportunity, and experience.
  • I’m not a big user of social media…I just prefer to have real conversations with people.
  • I eat a fully plant-based diet, have more energy, and haven’t been ill in years.
  • I love playing the drums and built a suitcase drum kit so that I could travel the world and never be without a kit.
  • I don’t watch TV and rarely watch films. I’m probably the only guy who’s never seen the Matrix.
  • A side passion of mine is English Pronunciation and helping non-native speakers learn it correctly. I run the Youtube channel English School Online where I upload regular tutorials.
  • In a previouse job, I played a game of football on a V.I.P flight as we flew through the Northern Lights.
  • I wanted to learn Portuguese, so moved to Brazil and self studied the language to fluency. I now have Brazilian clients.
  • I once flew the whole way around the world – 27 hours on a plane each way – to tell a girl a loved her.